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Updated: May 7, 2018

For today's post, we're going to focus primarily on WFS-441 which, as you may recall (or perhaps not), has been coming together rather quickly. In fact, it's been tanked up, which to me, is always sort of when it becomes real. That and pumps. Pumps are a big part of what we do obviously, so it's always nice to see that piece merge with fabrication. But tanks are big and hard to ignore, so there's that too.

I'm still a sucker for brightly colored and/or shiny objects though.

And other parts that set up a decent-looking picture, even if they're just filters.

But in all seriousness, my favorite thing to look at here is the work around the centrifugal pumps, partly because it's an easy way to try to learn what's happening in these beasts, but also because I think about the work that went into it. Sometimes, when I'm back in the fab shop other than on their lunch, I catch them welding and grinding these things, and it's just so cool looking.

Wait, I have a picture of that. Not from today, but another time. Maybe he was working on this, who knows.

You know what? Let's add this shot to the front page of our website. Bang, done.

The fender (is it still called a fender when it's three large tires long?) is back on, it had been on before, but subsequently off. One thing that's not off is the cap on the other side of this. Oh well, could've been cool.

One thing I couldn't help but notice this time was all of the writing on the various parts - you can see some in the above photos, but here's a good example.

If nothing else, I know how big the hole in that bracket thingy there is now. But seriously, I have like 800 random pieces of paper with unorganized notes sitting on my desk, it would be ideal if I could write directly on where they need to go. One of these times, I'm going to do a post as an homage to these little "cave drawings," for lack of a better description.

Before we part ways for today, I just wanted to spotlight this thing. It's called a Perma-Crimp and it may have been sitting there all along, but I never noticed it until now.

I truly love how the thing called a Perma-Crimp that has metal teeth in a circle that presumably close to, you know, crimp things needs a sticker telling you that it might do something nasty to your hand. If there are two things I've learned in roughly six months here, it's that everything is a) really heavy and b) can injure you.

Closest to the door: Let's just say it's this beauty.

Happy Friday!

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