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Heavy Lifting

If you haven't seen the first post in this little mini-series yet which gives the background on why we're even talking about this frac truck right now, it's here. You don't have to start there [insert recycled joke about how you'll be completely lost watching a sequel in a plot-thin movie franchise without seeing the original] but sometimes it's nice to start at the beginning, and I do think it's kind of an interesting story.

With that out of the way, let's take a run through everything that's happened so far, starting with the empty chassis. I'll assume you didn't take my advice about reading the previous post and post a photo of that again.

I don't know how you greet people where you're from, but here in Wooster, OH, we drop a big ol' Cummins QST30 engine on you.

The pump was the next big piece, although the fluid end came off pretty much right away for some additional work. Hey, you can do things like that when you have a fully-integrated pump shop on site.

We're big fans of this next piece.

I am so, so, so sorry for that. Please don't hate me.

Obviously, things start to round into shape pretty quickly when you're throwing that much mass on to a chassis, although a lot of the work after that point is just as important: working on connecting all of the various hoses (there are a lot of them on this stuff if you haven't noticed) and starting to build up some of the structure to the thing. The drive shaft has also received some work. Hopefully it looks like the photos. The ones my guy Tim is holding, not the ones I took.

You can see one of the fenders is up already too. Here's the other one, still in progress nearby. What is it about diamond plate that instantly makes things look at least 12 percent cooler and tougher? Toss a comment on this post or on the social media where you found it if you know, because that would be useful knowledge.

Let's close this thing out with a couple overview shots, because they get the people going.

So... that's about it for now. We'll keep popping back up there to document the progress on one of the more interesting projects we've had in a while, then fire off an update post when enough has happened to justify it. You've read to the bottom of this one, so I'll assume that's okay with you.

See you then!

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